How every Forex trader can trade for a living on their own terms!

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Everyone wants you to believe trading for a living is easy, but you probably realized it isn’t?

You also hear contradicting advice left and right about things you should trade, how much capital you need, and most websites will just say “follow your plan”.

That’s not what successful trading is about.

Here’s the problem you face: while you try taking on all the tips you can to improve your trading, you’re actually getting further away from your ideal lifestyle.

You began trading in the first place because you had a passion for it. But now nothing seems to work. You second-guess your trades all the time, and haven’t been able to create a trading style and edge that really works for you.

Yet, you’re probably still very hopeful to quit your job and travel the world one day, but HOW to get there seems very abstract.

One guru says price action is the only way to trade the market, but so far that hasn’t really worked for you.

A few Google searches reveal a bunch more meaningless advice: “the trend is your friend, mindset is everything, trade like the big guys...”

How do you even make sense of all this?

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution to end that overwhelm and put you on the path that really works. Let me introduce you to the Desire To Trade Academy, the only program proven to guide aspiring traders from complete overwhelm to profitable trading in as little as 8 weeks.

Here’s what you will get out of this program:

  • 8-week intensive course so you can master all areas of profitable trading quickly which means you can focus on what matters and stop getting distracted.
  • 12Hrs 1-1 coaching & mentoring from a full-time trader to speed up the process and get answers to all your questions.
  • Access to a strong & motivated group of traders so you can make great connections and build accountability toward trading success.
  • Guidance through creating your own trading strategy so you’ll become a master of your craft and keep improving your trading.
  • Bi-weekly mastermind calls so you can connect with other funded traders and get accountability to never feel alone and unmotivated in trading ever again!
  • Support and feedback 24/7 so you can ask questions and receive answers by one of our 3 trading coaches who always has your back.

But what makes this Academy so special?

The reality is that there are tons of “trading courses” out there, but we do everything we can to be different.

First, we are the only trading program that gives you extensive 1-1 coaching to help you become a full-time trader.

Many of the traders who joined our programs 3, or even 5 years ago are still benefiting from our support and mentoring.

They can attend our mastermind calls anytime and get on calls with a coach to overcome new challenges.

Second, we don’t want you to be glued in front of the charts all day.

Our philosophy of trading is that you should create your ideal lifestyle in the process.

If that means spending more time with your family, that’s great! For some traders, it’s traveling around the world, which we are all for!

We will teach you how to trade 1-3 hours a day...and make as much or even more than your current full-time job.

What’s in Desire To Trade Academy is a step-by-step framework we’ve tested with a lot of traders to help them get profitable and transition to full-time trading.

If you want to get mentored by traders who have been where you want to go, then this program is for you.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at some of our students who crushed it with the Academy:

What traders think of the Desire To Trade Academy

So here is what you get when signing up for the program:

  • 8-Week Intensive Program To Become a Profitable Trader
  • Guidance Through Developing Full-Time Trading Skills
  • Help Creating A Trading Strategy Based On Your Personality
  • Bi-Weekly Group Mastermind Calls
  • 12Hrs Powerful Unlimited 1-1 Trader Coaching Call

Regularly, the Desire To Trade Academy membership sells for $5,000 but right now you can access it for 2 monthly payments of $1,650 or one payment of $3000 if you’d like to save $300 extra.

Since the program is structured in an 8-week format. Lessons & modules will be released every week at the same time. We do this so you do not feel overwhelmed by the various topics covered by the Desire To Trade Academy. Each week is a different focus that requires your full attention.

If you need more than 1 week to complete a specific section, that’s totally fine! You can create your own schedule.


We Packed Some Exclusive Bonuses For You Too!

These will ensure you are fully ready to get profitable and scale up your trading.

This offer is for a limited time only. 

Our primary goal is to give enough time and support to each of our students. We may decide to revert back to the original price at any time if the demand for the program is too high.

Bonus #1: Trading Assistant Algorithm ($1,497 Value)

If you want absolute freedom over your trading, this is something you’ll love.

The Trading Assistant Algo takes our most profitable swing trading strategy and automates it so you can go about your day while the algorithm takes high-probability trades for you.

You’ll be able to trade our strategy in as little as 1hr of algo management per week and won’t need to stare at the charts for hours.

It’s also a great way to earn while you learn through the Desire To Trade Academy.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Day Trader & Trading Strategy Playbook ($794 Value)

As a very exclusive bonus, you will be getting access to two of our most popular trading courses.

The Ultimate Day Trader course will teach you 3 strategies that you can use to day trade any market session. It goes over the New York, London, and Tokyo sessions and shows you how to modify your trading plan for those times you will trade.

The Trading Strategy Playbook is our collection of tested and proven swing trading strategies that you can apply in the Forex market. The course will also guide you on how to trade multiple timeframes with those strategies.

Bonus #3: Expert Trader Course Collection ($997 Value)

As you probably know by now, the Desire To Trade Academy is a program you’ll be fully immersed in for a while.

At some point, you might feel like you want to improve specific aspects of your trading. That’s where the Expert Trader Course Collection comes in.

It contains some exclusive courses we’ve done with some of the best traders in their fields. These comprehensive courses cover topics such as:

  • How to set up a trading business that can be scaled to full-time
  • Creating a risk management plan that covers all areas of your trading
  • Diving deep into trading psychology and issues that can affect your trading
  • Learning tips & tricks to stick to your trading plan no matter what you face

You’ll be able to use those at any time during your journey inside the Desire To Trade Academy.

Is There A Guarantee? 

There is an “action-based guarantee”.

I will work with you until you’ve made at LEAST your investment back no matter how long it takes AS LONG AS you are actually taking action on each step in the course and using the help I'll provide you.

In other words, you can’t not take any action and come back 1-2 years from now and ask me to work with you.

But come in, do the work, engage on the Slack community, and if we don’t at least recoup your investment, I’m happy to help you dial in any areas. Whatever it takes to get you going.

Then, you'll have the SKILL and ABILITY to create trading income at will regardless of what the economy is doing or how motivated or busy you are, etc.


I'm very confident the Desire To Trade Academy will work for you if you do the work.

And whatever get you stuck, you'll have a team around to help you.

When you sign up to the Academy today, you’re getting it at the best price we’ve ever done. You will also go through our new and improved program:

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P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: if you pass on this offer, what’s the chance you’ll find your way through all the nonsense out there and find a coach who puts his reputation on the line to help you? Let’s work together and start transforming your trading!