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Here’s the deal…

Since 2018, I've been running a coaching program called the Desire To Trade Academy.

We've come a long way since then!

This is a program to help serious Forex traders with a full-time job or business that want to eventually trade full-time…

It’s also for those that want to master all the areas of trading (i.e. create their own process) to become independent traders.

More specifically, I’ve proven I can help you learn to trade for a living by mastering your trading process & mindset in as little as 8-12 weeks.

All this without feeling overwhelmed.

I've done everything I could to ensure this program delivers real results to traders taking action.

For one, it's been completely redesigned into the Academy version 2.0, including a whole new program with extensive 1-1 coaching.

Throughout the program, you’ll be able to learn all you need to create your own trading strategy, risk management plan, and develop the mindset of a profitable trader.

But this isn't just about learning...

I'm guiding you step-by-step through everything and giving you simple exercises so you can stay organized while building a trading career that will last.

The results you'll get will depend on how serious & committed you are.

But if you go through the program, I can guarantee you'll have a bunch of "ah-ah" moments resulting in a big improvement in your trading.

Here’s what this can look like...

With a bit of practice, you can stop cycles of losses & confusion about how to make your trading work...

And therefore get much more consistent results with a personalized process you can trust will produce good monthly results over the long term... 

At first, you’ll get to learn what works in the market...

Then you'll learn to combine it with the right mindset & risk management.

You might only make small profits at first once you start but once we get the ball rolling, that's when we can help you scale it up.

Fast-forward a couple of months, you could be very close to a full-time income.

Things can scale up pretty fast. 

Students Who Went Through The Academy

Many of my Desire To Trade Academy students got great results by focusing on the process I teach to build a full-time trading income.

Like for Samuel, a new trader who saw his 1st profitable year after working with us... and was able to later quit his job to move to Bali while trading full-time.

Samuel great trading results

Or Gary, who was able to get a lot more consistency in his trading and saved months off his learning curve in only 2 weeks.


Or Gerald, who went from trading his own account to leveling up his skills and started to manage a $600k trading account. He went from $40k to $600k in just a few months!

Gerald 600k
Gerald 600k

These are just a few of the people who became part of the “Desire To Trade Academy”, able to make a big change by focusing on mastering all areas of trading and committing to 1-1 coaching.

But while the money is great… it’s the FREEDOM to do whatever you want in the day that’s the real treasure.

This is the perfect program if you also aspire to trade & travel the world like I've done since 2017.

Who This Program Is For?

So I’m looking for a maximum of 20 determined Forex traders with a full-time job or business who aren't making consistent money trading, but want to build a full-time trading income like Samuel, Gary, and Gerald by mastering all the areas of trading.

What will we do together?

You’ll learn how to create your very own trading process, a skill that will last you a lifetime and make a huge impact on your trading career.

You’ll also discover how to transition from your current job/business to becoming a full-time Forex trader that can make enough money to live on your terms.

Then, you’ll learn the crucial skills that will help you stay profitable in the market long-term.

There’s nothing fancy about it, but…

In as little as 10-14 days... you'll have a solid base for your trading.

From there it's just applying what we taught you... and make the best use of our extensive 1-1 coaching & mentoring.

Why Consistent Trading Didn't Work For You Yet

Now, when traders struggle to make a consistent income trading, it’s usually because they don't have a proven & tested trading strategy.

But even if you have a good strategy, it's tough to execute that strategy consistently when money is in play. Most traders have the wrong mindset.


There are 2 main things holding most people back from actually making good money in trading:

1. Not Knowing How To Trade Better: because any trading strategy will eventually hit a drawdown and a lot of traders will get discouraged. What really helps is having a support group that you can rely on and stay accountable. It's a lot easier when you have the right skills and someone that can help you (or even 1-1 coaching) to overcome obstacles. 

The other thing stopping them is...

2. Not Finding Good Strategies To Trade: whether you spent hours reading books or watching YouTube videos, you’ll realize good strategies are hard to come by. And often they’re the result of years of learning from the market and adapting the strategy to it. So trying to copy other people's strategy ends up being no more than a losing game.

What You'll Get From The Academy 2.0

In short…

You’re gonna learn all the skills you need to create a full-time trading income in the next 8 weeks... and realistically quit your 9-5 job over the next 24 months.

It works even if you've never traded profitably before or don't have a proven strategy yet.

We'll build these things with you from scratch... so you'll get a trading process based on your personality, strengths & weaknesses.

The important thing to remember is that...

I can only accept a handful of students in the Desire To Trade Academy each month.

The content has recently been entirely re-created based on feedback from my students.

Currently, I've also opened up extensive 1-1 coaching & mentoring for anyone who joins the Academy. That means anytime you need help with something, we can jump on a call and cover that.

At the current price, it makes it a huge steal!

I want to make sure my students get a ton of value & support so I must limit signups.

 Meaning... if you want to work with me and my team, now is the time to do it :)

And here's what happens if you get started today:

You’ll get immediate access to the online program, as well as our bi-weekly mastermind calls, and Slack community for support.

INCLUDING: 12Hrs 1-1 coaching with any of our coaches so you can get results as fast as possible and build a full-time trading career.

  • You’ll save a lot of trial-and-error trying to figure everything out by yourself
  • And you'll have someone you can stay accountable to
  • You'll crush through difficult times with your trading and learn from other real full-time traders.

Think about how that’s going to remove the frustration from not knowing how to make your trading work.

You'll destroy overwhelm & confusion by having all the stuff you actually need to succeed in one single place.

Forget trading signals... you'll be able to make good returns as an independent trader. 

Forget trying to master technical analysis... we'll help you create a trading strategy that works for you - and combine it with the right mindset & risk management.

And you won’t feel drained from no step-by-step process to succeed in trading. If anything, I’m confident you’ll feel a lot more organized, energized, and confident once you start seeing momentum from the concepts in the Desire To Trade Academy.

Here's a quick preview of what we'll cover in the program:

Desire To Trade Academy overview

What Makes This Program Transform Traders?

If you're like most people who joined the Desire To Trade Academy before, you've spent weeks (if not years) trying to make trading work.

You maybe got to a point where you were close to giving up.

And this is usually not your fault.

You've been misled to think that you need to "find a profitable strategy" or that you had to "trade like the banks" to make money.

First, you won't find a profitable trading strategy out of a cereal box... and even if you were to find one on YouTube, a blog, etc. it likely won't fit your personality.

That's where all these issues of lack of discipline, overtrading, fear, and lack of confidence come from.

The only way you can truly make trading work long-term (i.e. make a career from it) is if you follow your own process.

Now don't get me started on the idea of trading like the banks.

Most traders do it without realizing it. But banks don't have the same goals as you.

If you're a retail trader looking to trade for a living and live on your own terms, you can't trade in the same way a bank does.

So to recap...

The reason you haven't made money yet is you might not know what to do for your trading to work.

And because of that, you're not able to organize everything or master the skills you need to succeed.

This is not your fault...

You're probably lacking support & mentoring to get to full-time trading.

This is where the Desire To Trade Academy comes in...

We guide you through the entire process of creating a profitable trading process and scaling it to a full-time trading income.

Unlike all the other courses & programs out there, you'll have extensive coaching calls and we'll make sure you stay accountable.

That makes it a proven way to keep moving forward. 

All the coaches in our team are current full-time traders.

They've been to where you're at today and can help you find the answers you need.

One of the traders in our team, Michael Toma, is managing a $4M trading accounts and has been through every kind of market over the past 25 years.

That makes it for a very simple way to shortcut your full-time trading journey with hands-on experience!

mastermind calls for traders
mastermind calls for traders

Our Mastermind calls are among the most valuable parts of the Desire To Trade Academy 2.0.

Every two weeks, we jump on a group call with a handful of aspiring traders in the program.

Then we usually focus on a topic (e.g. scalping, getting better entries, obstacles of full-time trading, etc.)

We'll teach you some pretty cool stuff you can apply in your trading right away.

Then we open it up to any discussion. 

This is where you can connect with other traders who are also part of the program.

Many of our students made connections that were game-changing for their success in life & trading.

Some made real good friends as well!

You'll be able to ask any questions or explain the challenges you're facing in your trading right now.

Other traders who've been where you are today will be able to answer you... and point you in the right direction.

This is a tool that I highly recommend you use once joining the program. 

All recordings are available in our member area.

Desire To Trade Academy review

The other way we help speed up your learning curve in trading is through powerful results-focused cheatsheets & checklists.

As Andrei pointed out, these combined with our coaching & mentoring will ensure you get & stay on the right track.

It's nearly impossible to have 3-4 bad months in a row when you're surrounded by traders of experience.

Not only that, but you'll have the tools to stay organized and trade at your best no matter where you're at in the world or how many hours a day you dedicate to trading.

We have guides & proven exercises for creating your strategy, improving your mindset, scaling up your trading, and a lot more!

So What's The Special Offer On The Academy?

You can get started on your full-time trading career in the Desire To Trade Academy for a deposit of $1,700.

Then it’s only 2 monthly payments of $1,700... meaning you'll have 3 months to spread the payment!

Or you can save $600 by making a single payment of $4,500.

Note: The investment to get in the Desire To Trade Academy might go up in the future (midnight EDT). If you're ready to get results & commit to do the work, it's better to get in now.

Most of my students make their entire investment back in less than 3-4 months from starting as long as they put the work in. AND they keep the knowledge, strategies, and SKILLS for a lifetime.

The program is divided into 8 weeks and the content will become available week by week.

If you do the work outlined for you in the course, it's definitely doable in 8 weeks, but you are free to take more time.

You will keep the program, mastermind calls, and 1-1 coaching access lifetime...

If you’re ready to build a full-time trading income by mastering all the areas of trading, click the link below for your preferred payment option…

Payment Plan

$2,600 $1,700 x 3 pmts

Monthly payments, lifetime access.

  • 8-Week Trading Mastery Program 
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • Slack Community for 24/7 Support
  • 12Hrs 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • 3 Exclusive Sign Up Bonuses
  • $2,500 Off The Regular Price!

Full Payment

$7,000 $4,500

Save $1,500. Lifetime access.

  • 8-Week Trading Mastery Program 
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • Slack Community for 24/7 Support
  • 12Hrs 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • 3 Exclusive Sign Up Bonuses
  • $2,500 Off The Regular Price!

You will get immediate access to the Desire To Trade Academy and all the bonuses listed below.

If you get to work right away, I’d be surprised if you didn’t make your investment back in the next couple months.

I'll also be here with my team of coaches to support you along the way to creating freedom through Forex trading.

Keep crushing it 💪 📈

~ Etienne Crete

P.S. I don’t want you to invest just because of the bonuses, but these are pretty epic :)

Here Are Some Game-Changing Bonuses

These will ensure you are fully ready to boost the progress of your full-time trading career.

This offer is for a limited time only. 

Our primary goal is to give enough time and support to each of our students.

We may decide to increase the price earlier than planned if the demand for the program is too high.


If you want absolute freedom over your trading, this is something you’ll love.

The Bollinger Bands Reversal algo takes our most profitable swing trading strategy and automates it so you can go about your day while the algorithm (EA) takes high-probability trades for you.

You’ll be able to trade our strategy in as little as 1hr of algo management per week and won’t need to stare at the charts for hours.

It’s also a great way to earn while you learn through the Desire To Trade Academy.


As a very exclusive bonus, you will be getting access to two of our most popular trading courses.

The Ultimate Day Trader course will teach you 3 strategies that you can use to day trade any market session. It goes over the New York, London, and Tokyo sessions and shows you how to modify your trading plan for those times you will trade.

The Trading Strategy Playbook is our collection of tested and proven swing trading strategies that you can apply in the Forex market. The course will also guide you on how to trade multiple timeframes with those strategies.

This is the perfect add-on if you're newer in the market and want to strategies to start with. It comes as a complimentary bonus on your member dashboard when joining the Desire To Trade Academy.



As you probably know by now, the Desire To Trade Academy is a program you’ll be fully immersed in for a while.

At some point, you might feel like you want to improve specific aspects of your trading. That’s where the Expert Trader Course Collection comes in. It contains some exclusive courses we’ve done with some of the best traders in their fields.

These comprehensive courses cover topics such as:

  • How to set up a trading business that can be scaled to full-time
  • Creating a risk management plan that covers all areas of your trading
  • Diving deep into trading psychology and issues that can affect your trading
  • Learning tips & tricks to stick to your trading plan no matter what you face

You’ll be able to use those at any time during your journey inside the Desire To Trade Academy.

Is There A Guarantee? 

There is an “action-based guarantee”.

I will work with you until you’ve made at LEAST your investment back no matter how long it takes AS LONG AS you are actually taking action on each step in the course and using the help I'll provide you.

In other words, you can’t not take any action and come back 1-2 years from now and ask me to work with you.

But come in, do the work, engage on the Slack community, and if we don’t at least recoup your investment, I’m happy to help you dial in any areas. Whatever it takes to get you going.

Then, you'll have the SKILL and ABILITY to create trading income at will regardless of what the economy is doing or how motivated or busy you are, etc.


I'm very confident the Desire To Trade Academy will work for you if you do the work.

And whatever get you stuck, you'll have a team around to help you.

Get Instant Access!

3 Payments of $1,700

Get Instant Access!

One Payment $4,500

P.S. The Desire To Trade Academy 2.0 might go up in price at any time. You’re getting it at a really big discount plus many bonuses. Sign up now before the offer is gone!

P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: if you pass on this offer, what are your chances of getting profitable by doing the same thing you've done for the past 3-5 years? Pretty we’re here to help!

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